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Solvera Lynx is active everywhere

Solvera Lynx is active everywhere


Solvera Lynx is active everywhere

We really like sports. That is why we are constantly swimming, cycling, and running when we are not in the office or busy with life.

In 2016, we didn’t just do it for fun, but also to compete! As a triathlete, it comes natural to me, but this year I got many of my co-workers to join as well. We participated in the Alpe Adria cycling cup, which included the Maraton Franja, Maraton Alpe, and Juriš na Vršič marathons. These are three amazing Slovenian cycling events with beautiful views and challenging courses.

Our biggest group accomplishment was participating in the largest Slovenian sporting event: the Ljubljana Marathon. I took to training my co-workers seriously and organized group practices every Wednesday to achieve optimal performance on race day. We had a lot of fun training, but it was hard work as well and we all enjoyed ourselves. The goal was achieved as everyone crossed the finish line with a big smile on their face!

By Janez Klančnik

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